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CyclingsWorld’s weekly round-up of great online MTB deals from our recommended retailers brings you the best mountain biking products for less. CyclingsWorld discovers a wide range of deals with products including MTB accessories, clothing, tools, components, frames and full mountain bikes.

In addition to the best cycling deals on the web listed below, we’ve also added manufacturer descriptions and Cycling reviews - so you can make sure you’re fully in the picture before parting with your hard-earned cash.

These offers won’t last forever though, so be quick if you want to bag yourself a bargain. This page is updated weekly, so why not bookmark the URL and check back next week for more cheap bikes and money saving deals.

Marin Rift Zone XC8 Bike (2011) – Buy now from Winstanleys Bikes for £1299.99 and save 48%

Marin Rift Zone XC8 Bike

What the manufacturer says:
“The Marin Rift Zone sports a full suspension frame to iron out the bumps. The aluminium frame uses a monocoque construction and a swingarm fitted with a quad-link 2.0 100mm suspension system. The rear shock is a Fox Float RP23 while the front fork uses a Fox 32 F100RL with rebound adjustment. A host of quality components complete the bike including SRAM drivetrain, SUNRingle hubs and Formula RX brakes. SUNRingle rims covered with Maxxis Aspin tyres and Easton EA70 monkey bars finish of the Zone XC8.”

BeOne CRD Sport Ltd Alloy 29er Mountain Bike – Buy now from Merlin Cycles for £395 and save 34%

BeOne CRD Sport Ltd Alloy 29er Mountain Bike

What the manufacturer says:
“The BeOne CRD29 Sport LTD Alloy 7005 frame is couple with an RST Blaze 100mm fork. Components include Shimano Acera M390 front and rear derailleurs and shifters with Shimano M395 brakes and brakes levers. Cross X-6 rims, Shimano hubs, cranks and Schwalbe Rapid Rob tyres round out the bike along with a Selle Italia Q-bik XC saddle.”

Hawking Pro 2000 Lumen Rechargeable Front Light Set – Buy now from JeJames Cycles for £89.99 and save 40%

Hawking Pro 2000 Lumen Rechargeable Front Light Set

What the manufacturer says:
“The all new Hawking Pro 2000 Lumen Bike Light offers some impressive features. Beautifully machined, this tiny light packs a monster punch with two high power CREE XM-L U2 LED’s throwing out 2000 Lumens. With a discharge time of around 2.2 hours on full beam you’ll never be left in the dark with this ultra-bright monster.”

Rapha Team Sky Long Sleeve Replica Jersey – Buy now from Evans Cycles for £47.5 and save 50%

Rapha Team Sky Long Sleeve Replica Jersey

What the manufacturer says:
“The Team Sky Long Sleeve Replica Jersey by Rapha uses breathable and insulating fabric with a brushed inner. The jersey has three large cargo pockets, as well as a vertical zipped valuables pocket. The left arm features a contrast Sky blue armband and the back of the jersey has a central blue Team Sky stripe.”

Avid Elixir 9 Carbon Disc Brake (2013) – Buy now from Chain Reaction for £94.99 and save 46%

Avid Elixir 9 Carbon Disc Brake

What the manufacturer says:
“An updated TaperBore design incorporates a new air-trap feature, resulting in ridiculously smooth control you can count on. Combining a two-piece caliper and HS1 cross-drilled rotors make Elixir 9 simultaneously smooth and powerful. The introduction of tool-free reach and contact adjust turns our brakes into your brakes, letting you dial in the perfect feel in under a minute.”

Use Cutting Tools Safely

When using cutting tools it’s all too easy for accidents to happen. Make sure you think ahead and carefully consider whether what you’re doing is safe. Here are a few tips from bitter experience.

Always think about where the sharp bit will end up if you slip, the wood splits quicker than you’d expected or whatever.

Always keep a safe distance from other people. I’m constantly amazed by people who walk within inches of someone who’s quietly sitting and carving, expecting them to notice and not stick them with the knife! I’m also constantly amazed at the reverse – people who cheerily come and set up a foot away from you while they’re swinging an axe or using a knife. This makes me very nervous. I’d urge you to get nervous about this too!

For all cutting tools a strong well-fitting sheath is a must. Leaving tools unsheathed or even stuck in a chopping block unattended is inviting an accident. Whenever not in use the blade should be sheathed. A great example of why this is important: last summer I was shaping a bow. I put the drawknife down on the table – unsheathed of course “as I was only putting it down for a second” (sound familiar?!). Then I knocked over a cup of coffee, instinctively went to grab it and ran my thumb along the unsheathed, and very sharp, drawknife blade. OUCH!

In my experience the moment you think “this is a bit of a stupid thing to do” is most often a second or two before you do something that hurts. You’ve been warned…

Have fun and if you’re in doubt find someone who knows what their doing and get some instruction.


Canon Luxurious Photo Backpack 200EG

While searching for a whole new case for my cameras, I inquired close to, and also the consensus appeared to be which a back pack was the easiest method to go, because it made it easy to carry all more equipment but still have one's hands free for taking pictures. A colleague of my own who also does photography being an interest pointed out which he has the Canon Luxurious Image Back packed 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Camcorders and was thrilled by using it.

I have to admit that following performing my due diligence, I also purchased this back pack from Amazon.com and am delighted from it, since it is exactly what I needed plus more. I love the fact that I can pack my Canon 7D, a 10-400 L, 24-105 L, a few different lenses, and various other accessories in the bag, and I can also pack my notepad and USB stick so that I can transfer photos and even edit on-site if I need to.

What You Must Look For

Any digital photographer will show you that there are a number of capabilities that are essential for them in terms of transporting and securing their valuable and expensive photo gear.

The next are one of the most critical features to look for:



Sufficient space to bring along stuff

A divider program to keep points safe and neat

Straps that to protected devices

Sufficient Place

While the Canon Luxurious Picture Rucksack 200EG is lightweight at proportions of 15 x 12.2 by 7 in ., it reminds me of your old saying about dynamite arriving small bundles. This backpack has the ample inner place to safely store 2 or 3 smaller-sized SLR video camera systems, or perhaps a greater video camera with battery power hold, 3 or four contact lenses, and various other small extras, including camera lens hoods, and filtration systems. I really like the truth that the condominiums may be modified to suit whichever cameras I want to take with this day.

The additional compartments can retailer things say, for example, a cellular phone, battery pack features, cable connections, recharges and so on. There are also strapped at the base from the bag so that one can affix a tripod, as well as the front-side bank account usually keeps my tablet computer as well as a lighting windbreaker.


The backpack is made from a tough waterproofed nylon and polyester fabric, meaning it is rather tough, which is also coated by using a water-repellent urethane, which can be fantastic must one particular get found within a bath; at the very least, the equipment won't get wet.

Ease and comfort and Adaptability

The Canon Luxurious Backpack is light-weight, analyzing in at just 3 pounds when unfilled, as well as the shock-absorbing shoulder blades straps and back again make it a cozy brought, even if loaded with my products.

The nicely-organized cushioned divider method, which is movable as well as fully easily-removed means you could adjust the dividers to fit the type and scale of gear that you desire for the day, and provide comfortable access to every little thing. One of the great features that I love is the added tripod carrying straps on the bottom of the backpack, which can either hold a tripod, or if you are like me and do not have a tripod, you can even use the straps to strap a nice warm jacket in.

What Do Other individuals Think?

I sense that it must be usually essential to discover what other folks think of a certain product where I am fascinated, therefore, I scoured the net for reviews around the Canon 200EG and found numerous them.

From 1 testimonial on Amazon online marketplace, this system is offered a score of 4.5 out from five superstars.

Right here are the comments which were manufactured by satisfied consumers:

"One thing that isn't talked about inside the testimonials I discovered is the pockets, these, are designed to develop, meaning they may have billows in becoming bigger than an ordinary wallet."

"I actually discovered this handbag in a big container shop and are generally recharging above twice Amazon's value! "

"This package has a lot the more area than it appears to be to obtain. I've obtained a Canon 20D with BGE2 battery power hold, three focus camera lenses (one a telephoto), a Canon 580EX flash, a Slik little tripod, lens's hoods for those lenses, along with a big selection of filters for the lenses all within the major area."

"This pack showed up in a small right and box off the bat I wondered if I had made a mistake. I will tell you, there's no blunder. This Canon load up exceeds my expectations in every single way. I also have two other video camera packages, and this is basically the merely one I use."

Are There Consumer Complaints?

There will always be some people who will find some problem with an item, but I was really glad to see that there were not too many complaints about the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras. The truth is I only discovered two; the main one criticism was from your person who identifies him or her the self as really tall, and explained the back pack appeared to be a child's school traveling bag on him. Properly, I am a little bigger than average, and it also operates perfectly for me, so he must be some kind of a giant. If Canon provided extra elastic/velcro strips, like the one used for the main compartment, to hold the lenses in place. the other negative point was a suggestion that "It would be nice"

Simply How Much Will You will need to Purchase the Canon Deluxe Photograph Backpack 200EG?

I have it on good authority who Amazon.com is offering it at a mere $39.95, which constitutes a huge saving of 42% on the listed price, although the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras is listed at $75.00.

Ten Ways To Avoid Dehydration Outdoors

So we found out that dehydration is a bad thing – especially in the outdoors. Using what you know about your body and some practical experience you can take steps to make sure you avoid dehydration.

When living outdoors I’ve sometimes experienced the hangover-like headaches and slight disorientation that we know are the first symptoms of minor dehydration (although as we found I’ve probably lost 2-3% of my body’s water content at this point already). I’d describe this best as ‘feeling a bit wonky’ – not scientific but if you’ve experienced it you’ll know what I mean.

This was easily remedied by upping my intake of fluids.

It’s such a basic thing but so easy to get into a situation where you’re not taking in enough fluids. It takes some extra diligence on your part to read the signs and know what your body needs. The situations that have led to me finding myself with symptoms of minor dehydration have included:

Longer periods of living outdoors at times when I’ve generally been conditioned to life indoors.
When I’ve had to purify drinking water for an extended period. This can easily become a chore and in warm weather or when hitting the trail you can soon find yourself not getting enough fluids.
When I’ve physically stretched myself or encountered unexpectedly warm conditions.

Practical Ways To Avoid Dehydration Outdoors

Dehydration is one area where prevention is definitely better than cure. Just bearing this is in mind is a step towards ensuring you are adequately hydrated.

Remember thirst isn’t a reliable indicator and often lags behind your actual need for hydration. There are a couple of easy ways to keep an eye on your hydration.

The old favourite is to monitor the frequency and character of your urination. If your bladder is full at least every 3–5 hours and your urine is a light straw colour, it’s unlikely that dehydration is occurring. If your urine is deeply coloured and/or you urinate infrequently or not at all, your fluid intake probably isn’t enough to maintain proper hydration.

Another quick indicator is saliva. If you can draw plenty of saliva into your mouth – as if you’re about to spit – it’s a rough and ready indicator of adequate hydration.

As part of your normal body function you lose water in urine and through the bowels, through the lungs as water vapour and through the skin by perspiration. The factor you have most control over is perspiration. In warm or humid weather or during heavy exertion the water loss can increase through perspiration. In extreme cases, the losses may be great enough to exceed your body’s ability to absorb water.

Sweating should be regulated by paying attention to your fitness, your activity level and the ambient temperature.

When large amounts of water are being lost through perspiration and being replaced by drinking water, maintaining proper electrolyte balance becomes critical. If travelling in an environment where heavy perspiration is likely your kit should include some means of replacing lost electrolytes.

In dry cold climates you can lose a surprising amount of water through the lungs as water vapour. In a cold environment you also tend to urinate more frequently. Fortunately there’s likely to be snow on the ground so it’s easy to keep an eye on your urine colour.

You’ll read much about coffee and tea being diuretic so speeding up dehydration. This is true. Many sources advise you to avoid them but you still take in more water in tea and coffee than is expelled by their diuretic effect. In extremes – in a survival situation where every single drop counts or in a hot environment – you’d probably be best to avoid them but in more normal circumstances they’re just another good way of getting fluids into your system.

Establish a firm routine for collecting and purifying drinking water and making sure you’re adequately hydrated.

My normal routine is to make sure enough water is available to have a good drink in the morning. If I’m boiling my drinking water I’ll do it in the afternoon or evening when I cook. In the morning the coffee or tea is brewed while camp is cleared up. A cup or two chased down with a good chug on some water and I’m ready to go.

Aim to get your urine to the straw-like colour at least once in the day. Of course you can do this whenever you like but doing it in the morning sets you up for a day on the trail and reduces the risk of interrupting a good night’s sleep with bleary eyed stumbling to have a pee.

Above all, pay attention to your body and its needs, bear in mind the science and you shouldn’t go far wrong.


Ten Steps to Fire Lighting Without Failure

Fire lighting is like everything else in bushcraft – it takes time to get it right. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on the way to failure-free fire lighting.

Practice Your Fire Lighting. This can’t be stressed enough. Like so many other skills used in bushcraft, practice makes perfect. To confidently start fires in all conditions you need to practice in all conditions. Like some guy once said “If it ain’t raining it ain’t training”.

Use the right tool for the job. If you’re fire lighting for some bushcraft practice then use that hand drill you’ve only tried once before. When you really need a fire increase the odds of success by using firelighting methods you’re used to and know will work. Keep it simple. Like some other guy once said “don’t turn up to a gun fight with a knife”.

When you practice your fire lighting split the task down into the smallest steps and be confident with each one. From nothing to ignition. From ignition source to tinder to flame. From flame to fire.

Preparation. This is the second thing that can’t be stressed enough and just like the first time, applies across the board in bushcraft. Never take shortcuts when you really need that fire or you’ll pay for it later. Time and time again I’ve seen experienced people (including myself I must add) take short cuts and end up with a smouldering pile of wood, not a fire. At best it takes more effort to light your fire. At worst you die of hypothermia.

Fuel selection. Don’t pick up any old crappy wood that happens to be nearby. The ideal is dry, standing, dead wood. If you can’t find this then compromise or improvise but don’t start off this way. Don’t forget that dry, dead wood can be collected anytime, not just when you need to light a fire.

Tinder selection. Again, tinder can and should be collected whenever you get the chance, not just when you’re in firelighting mode. Collect and dry it out in a pocket or shelter before use.

It takes some discipline to put in the time and do it properly but that’s life. If you want to take your bushcraft to the next level this is part of the journey.

Try the classic fire lighting exercise – make a one match fire and repeat. Once you get good at this try splitting the match in half and try again.

Don’t forget the preparation or the practice!

If you’re in a situation where fire lighting is really important for morale know your limits and when to not even try. If you have the choice leave the fire until conditions are better.


How to choose Shoes for Casual Friday

You can oftentimes wear different types of shoes than what you usually wear throughout the week if you have casual Friday at your place of employment. If your regular attire consists of dress shoes, this is especially true. You'll learn how to buy shoes for casual Friday, by following a few steps.

Figure out what is made it possible for on informal Fridays in terms of boots is concerned. What exactly is made it possible for May differ tremendously from a single firm to another. Some firms call for the shoes or boots to be black or some other simple hues. Other people are so lax that sandals are enabled on informal Fridays. By reading your employee handbook, you can find out what the rule is at your company. If you can't find the information there, consult with either your human resources department or a co-worker which is familiar with the regulations.

Check out a neighborhood sneaker retailer to find shoes or boots that you can put on for relaxed Fri.

Select ballet flats, kitten heels or shoes or boots having a 2-inch or a lot fewer heels for girls. Very high pumps are in no way suitable for work. If your office allows open-toed shoes, find a sandal or peep-toe pump. Gentlemen ought to decide on loafers, boots or everyday lace-up footwear. Footwear is not typically made it possible for, except if work environment is quite everyday.

Compare prices you were available to the shoes' retailer to costs for the boots that one could locate on-line. If you can find the same shoe for cheaper on-line than you can at the store, order on-line but remember to add shipping when calculating the difference.

Continue to keep an additional set of gown shoes and clothing in the trunk of your respective auto while in casual Fridays just in case you get known as over to see a customer or else must switch to far more business clothing.


Seek Food While Exploring Outdoors

We go exploring outdoors excited and perturbed far way from the convenient transportation and comfortable house to get close to the unknown landscape. Even though we have get well prepared, it is hard to avoid the unexpected. Therefore, the best way to stand up to the unexpected is to solve them when they arise. How can a person survive who has been living in big cities get away from the his living environment and stay in the wilderness ? When he is trapped in the wilderness, it is a problem for him to drink water and have meals, but as long as he can make good use of all the resources, he can also spend each day safely.

Pay attention when living on plants
While collecting plants, choose the fresh and tender twigs,roots or fruit. Don’t collect the plants with milk white juice and bright-color leaves. Pay special attention when collecting mushrooms, whose color is bright should never be collected. Before tasting, cut a piece and smell, if it smells like peach tree skin or bitter almond, don’t taste it. We can also get some juice and daub onto the arm and if we don’t feel uncomfortable, discard it right away. If we don’t feel uncomfortable, we can taste a piece. We can taste only one kind at a time, if we feel uncomfortable, promote emesis immediately.

Pay attention while living on animals
1. Know well about different animals activity routines and adopt suitable means to catch the animals. As a rule, herbivores are active all day and most of the mammals are active in the morning and at night. Besides, different animals have different life habits, according to which we can set traps or use other ways to catch them.

2. We can eat fish, shrimps and crabs in the brooks, streams or in the lakes.

3. While preserve meat, if it is possible, we can soak it in the salt or we can also cut it into pieces and then dry it by hanging it under the sun or cook it over the fire.

4. Under no circumstances can we eat the animals that have got diseases, nor should we eat the livers of the animals in order to prevent infection. When eating the animals, it would be best to well cook it and don’t eat the uncooked meat unless we have no other choice.

OutdoorWikis exclusive original. Please indicate the original source if reprint.
Article Source:http://www.outdoorwikis.com/seek-food-exploring-outdoors/
Launched in 1960 by Italian very competitive bicyclist Dino Signori, Sidi is considered the leading company of bicycling, motocross and motor bike products on the world. This business has experienced half a century to excellent sturdy. However, light-weight boot styles with protection extra padding built into their styles. This performance, associated with the smooth design, tends to make Sidi choosing hobbyist and professional riders equally. MotoGP riders like Alex Barros and Colin Edwards use Sidi boots. With motor bike footwear beginning from $220 and $375, a set of Sidi motorbike boots are a good investment with your capacity to trip your bicycle properly.
Rinse dirt and debris off the Sidi shoes by using a gentle remember to brush and warm water. Pull the old insoles out of the boots and dispose of them in the garbage if you plan on changing the insoles.

Spread paper out in a dry and clean area. Place the Sidi boots in the papers to be dried up. Because Sidi boots have a non-removable Gore-Tex lining, it's essential to give the boots adequate time to dry out before using them again. Allow a full 24 to 48 hours to be dried out.

Once the boots are completely dry rub the exteriors of the boots thoroughly with leather conditioner. Make use of a clean pure cotton towel to get involved with every single seam and crevice, within the buckles and almost everywhere there is leather-based with all the natural leather conditioner.

Change the insoles inside the spray and boots the interiors with deodorizing feet apply in order to avoid "sweaty foot funk" within your high-priced boot styles.

Squirt the exteriors from the boots with waterproofing spray. Use a waterproofing squirt intended for textiles and leather. Let the boot styles to be dried up for a couple of times. Then you're willing to have individual's awful young boys on thus hitting the open highway.

The Causes of Cramp
1. The lack of adequate stretching exercise before doing exercise

2. The muscle getting exhausted because of over use

3. Cycling in extremely hot weather

4. The sudden change of the environment temperature

5. Excessive water loss

6. Imbalance of electrolyte

7. Wrong posture of movement

8. Over nervous mood

9. Imbalance of diet and the side effects of drugs,etc.

How to deal with the cramp
1. Stop the on-going activity right away

2. Stay at cool and ventilate place, replenish adequate water, especially sports beverage.

3. Slowly stretch the muscle that is cramping or massage where the muscle is cramping

4. While treating, thermal therapy or cold therapy can assist. Both sports spray and cold or hot pack are effective.

How to prevent cramp

When we are doing the exercise before and after the activities, we should strengthen the stretching exercise.

While doing the activity, replenish water as well as sodium salt and electrolysis water to balance the sodium and kalium of the body.

Do sports progressively. Cramp is to warn us that the present exercise amount has exceeded our ability. That is to say our daily exercise is not enough and we should do more exercise.

The particular causes of cramp while cycling
The gear ratio: The gear ratio is one of the causes of cramp. You can try riding a bicycle that with smaller gear ratio. UCI has a rule that the gear ratio for teenagers is smaller than that of adults, which is to protect the growth of the teenagers. Therefore, try riding the bicycle with smaller gear ratio and practice turning the gear, which is absolutely a good idea. While going uphill or on the bumpy road, choosing a smaller gear ratio will have more advantages. The smaller gear ratio may make you impatient, but take your time and gradually you will feel the advantages of it.

Improper posture on the bicycle: The seat too low, too front and too back will make the knees or the muscle bear imbalanced stress. Once there were cases of the breakage of the cruciform ligament in the knees. Please correct the posture according to the three-point adjusting method.

OutdoorWikis exclusive original. Please indicate the original source if reprint.
Article Source:http://www.outdoorwikis.com/the-causes-of-cramp-while-cycling-and-how-to-deal-with-it/

How to Bike Competition in Cold Weather

Several races occur at the great height, earlier in the morning, or throughout the chillier weeks of the year. These pointers ought to assist enable you to get towards the accomplish warmly and safely.

Hydrate and hydrate and keep drinking after and during the race, start drinking water or a sports drink well before the race. Inhaling and exhaling chilly oxygen and bodily exertion dehydrate your body quickly.

Remember that even if you are a little cold at the start line, you will warm up when you start to race. Don't overdress?

Wear a skull cap, balaclava or slender cap beneath your head protection to keep body warmness.

Use mitts manufactured from breeze-obstructing textile to help keep your hands and wrists warm. In extreme cool, wear glove liners and hotter exterior mitts.

Use an insulation sock liner and hotter external sock. For further wind and warmth protection, deal with your shoes or boots with neoprene booties.

Dress in garments in tiers, beginning with a base coating that can wick perspiration out of your entire body, and finish having an outer level which is breathable and windproof.

Wear layers that are easy to remove if it is only chilly out and is going to warm up. Arm warmers and lower body warmers, that are just sleeves and pant thighs, work efficiently and are super easy to take off or roll lower.

Wear a light jacket or windbreaker while waiting at the start line, and remove it just before you start.

Change into warmer clothes or wrap yourself in a blanket, as soon as the race is over.

Eat popular food items after the race to revive sugar and electrolyte levels. Soups and other cozy body fluids hot the body from the inside.

Test out different layers and types of clothes once you work out or drive from the cold. Rushing will not be enough time to try out a new challenge.

Expect to handle freezing weather difficulties due to your motorcycle as well as the competition program. In severe cold, cabling could freeze out and ice-cubes can be kind during the course.


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